Sunday, November 15, 2009

9 outta 28

Sunday was Sarah's birthday. It's the 9th birthday we've spent that's a lot! But then, not really... This day is always special, not only because of the obvious, but because the first time we hung out for her birthday was a classic set-up job by her friends. They secretly invited me to her party she was having, and knew that we were both interested in each other after hanging out at a Halloween party a couple days earlier.

I distinctly remember driving up to the house and having that cute nervous butterflies in the stomach feeling before walking in the door cause I was about to see and talk to her and I totally had a thing for her. It was a thurday night, and we both had to leave to perform in the same Auburn band/choir concert that evening.

Later that night, we ended up talking in the halls after the concert, me in my band uniform (feeling like a stud in that coat and tails) and her in her black concert dress. She apparently thought I looked like a goober, but that's besides the point :)

Us on the field together for the 2001 Iron Bowl.

This night, November 17th 2001, as we laid on the roof of the Airport House looking at stars, I had no idea what plans God had for us. But wow, does He know what he's doing or what?? That was 9 years ago. What a great life I've been blessed with. Love you babe!


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