Monday, June 8, 2009

5 Years

Wow, 2 posts in a row celebrating marriage. This past weekend June 5th to be exact, Sarah and I celebrated 5 years of being married. Sarah recapped the day here.

Time seems to have flown by, it feels like just the other day we were setting up chairs, getting the rehearsal dinner ready, and watching a slideshow of our 2 1/2 years of dating. I have wonderful memories of our wedding day, and of these last 5 years, but that would take forever to recap the past 5 years. Maybe for our 10 year post :) Here are some of my favorite memories from the past year:

  • Finding out that we were expecting child #2. It definitely wasn't as shocking and nerveracking the 2nd time around, but it was still a life changing moment.

  • Beach trip with the Moons! It's always great to go to the beach, and when you throw in a pool, friends, a house across the street from the beach, shopping, Seaside, ribs, and shrimp, you can't beat it. Sarah had some great recaps here. (notice I'm linking to our "family" blog that Sarah keeps up. She does such a great job with it, and it's fun to look back and see what we were doing at certain times).

  • The summer of AP. Andrew Peterson, that is. Funny thing is, even though the concerts were great, sitting in the car listening to songs like "Canaan Bound" is one of my favorite things that Sarah and I do.

  • Family outings. This past year is when Micah really started appreciating his surroundings, and we love to spend time together and make some memories. So here are a few things we did together: Atlanta Zoo, Braves game, Waffle House together one morning, Southern Belle Farms (twice), 4th of July parade in Oxford with the Cardozas, trips to Auburn, Gainesville, Enterprise and Statesboro, Arabia Mountain, playing in the snow, movie nights with Nemo, many trips to the park, and the Georgia Aquarium.

  • Trip to Nashville. We took off to Nashville with the Moons to see a Behold the Lamb of God Christmas Concert. It was just a great all-around weekend that Sarah and I will remember forever.

  • Chateau Elan. This was our "alone" getaway this year, just in time for a pre-baby massage for Sarah and a good relaxing weekend for the both of us. We definitely needed and enjoyed some alone time, especially in the almost-Frenchish countryside of North Georgia.

  • Speaking of babies, along comes Connor! Sarah, as previously mentioned, did such a great job during labor, and overall, everything went smoothly. God certainly has blessed us with a great little family, much more than we ever deserve. Now, being parents of 2 children, we realize what a joy and a privilege it is to raise them up.

For Sarah and I, as our alone time gets more and more precious, we agree to make sure to keep God and our marrige first. In a time where it's tempting to put kids and careers before a healthy marriage, it's important to remember that we were brought together for a reason, from two completely different backgrounds, countries, college football teams, and cleaning habits, to become ONE and share our life together. If that foundation in Christ isn't strong, everything else we lean on will crumble.

Sarah, love you babe :)


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